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ATR 72 500 Simulator training

ATR 72 500 Simulator

In Bangkok, in the simulator, for YETI AIRLINES training, Engine Ground Run up in January 2018.

EMB 145 Practical training

EMB 145 training

In Yangon, EASA training on Embraer 145 in March 2018 with AIr Mandalay.


Fokker 70 / 100 practical training

End of practical training on Fokker 70 / 100 in Larnaca, with Carlos SANCHEZ the instructor for TUS Air.

ATR 72 500 / 600

After the theoretical courseof initial type course on ATR 72 500 and 600 Series in France with Maldivian, Italian Estinian and French trainees. 


ATR 72 212A for Yeti Airlines

Last day of theoretical training in Kathmandu for Yeti Airlines, on ATR 72 212A, EASA 147 training, by Sair SANCHEZ the instructor.
Practical training next months. Congratulations to all of you.


ATR 72 100/ 200 Series- Theory

T1T2 Combined course, in Madrid, from JAN to March 2017, with Carlos SANCHEZ and HErnan ACEVEDO as instructors, for SWIFTAIR airline.

Quality Internal Auditor course

End if the week training in Yangon- MYANMAR for the Quality Management System and Auditor course, with Alex ZOVIC.

Initial type course ATR 42/ 72 500 and 600, JAN to MAR 17

End of the theoretical part, after 27 days, with YAECO, GMA and MAI.

ATR 72 600 Engine Run Up

Training on Flat Virtual Panel to learn the coordination and phrseoplogy before real simulator.

Very helpful.

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ATR 72 600 Engine Run Up

End of Engine Ground Run up training on ATR 42/ 72 600 in Bangkok, in the simulator. FEB 2017
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