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ATR 42/ 72 600 from ATR 42/ 72 212A (500)

From 25th to 29th of SEPT 17, in France, training taugh in English.
Email Axelle for more info regarding the syllabus and cost.

If you are french, the training can be paid fully or partially by your OPCA or you can use your CFP (Congés de Formation Professionnelle).


Formation "Instructeur aéronautique"; "Train the Trainer" course

Info first in French and below in English

Dans les locaux de AGT à Landerneau, Bretagne, du 21 au 25 aout 2017, un savant mélange de théorie, de pratique et mise en situation opérationnelle; animé par le responsable formation  de AGT qui compte plus de 20 années de formation en salle et hangar et simulateur face aux techniciens aéro dans un environement international.

ATR 42/ 72 initial type training 2018 1st Q

2 initial type courses on ATR 42 400/ 500/ 72-212A (PWC PW 120) in 1st Q2018 in AGT facility, including ATR 500 and 600 Series,

June 17, ATR 42 / 72 500/ 600 Initial

From June 5th, take a ride for 7,5 weeks of training on ATR 42 400/ 500/ 600 and ATR 72 500/ 600.

Toulouse-Francazal's airport will be pleased to welcome you !

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ATR difference courses

Early in July,

  • ATR 42 400/ 500/ 72-212A from ATR 72 100/ 200 difference course,
  • ATR 42/ 72 600 Difference course,
  • ATR 42 200/ 300 Difference course from ATR 42 400/ 500/ 72 212A,

T1T2, theoretical and practical Elements in Toulouse.

Enroll with Axelle,

New approval by CAAN

AGT has been approved by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to conduct the ATR 42 / 72 500 type training course in Katmandu for the theoretcial phase from 27th of March and in Toulouse for the practical phase.


Initial type course ATR 42/ 72 500 and 600, JAN to MAR 17

End of the theoretical part, after 27 days, with YAECO, GMA and MAI.

T1T2 training in Toulouse

ATR 500/ 600

In Toulouse, 2 initial ATR type courses in June and October 17, for theoretical & Practical phases, for B1.1 or B2 engineers.

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Quality Internal Auditor course

End if the week training in Yangon- MYANMAR for the Quality Management System and Auditor course, with Alex ZOVIC.