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Quality Internal Auditor course

End if the week training in Yangon- MYANMAR for the Quality Management System and Auditor course, with Alex ZOVIC.

Recurrent ATR 42/ 72 - SEPT 17

11th of SEPT 2017, 5 days training in AGT facility- FRANCE for a ATR 42/ 72 All Series refresh training course. Training in English.

Email Axelle:

If you are french, the training can be paid fully or partially by your OPCA or you can use your CFP (Congés de Formation Professionnelle).


ATR 72 600 Engine Run Up

Training on Flat Virtual Panel to learn the coordination and phrseoplogy before real simulator.

Very helpful.

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ATR 72 600 Engine Run Up

End of Engine Ground Run up training on ATR 42/ 72 600 in Bangkok, in the simulator. FEB 2017
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Simulator ATR 72 600 Serie in BKK

Teaser of our Full Engine Ground Run training on ATR 72 600 aircraft in AATC Bangkok.

One day briefing, Flat Trainer Panel on ATR 600, and 4 hours of simulator on ATR 600. Total duration 3 days for 3 engineers.

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In JAN 17, 3 initial courses had started

AGT has started in January 2017,  3 ATR 42/ 72 type courses under EASA 147 approval:

     - ATR 42/ 72 500 and 600, B1B2 Combined, theoretical & Practical, in Yangon- MYANMAR and in Toulouse- FRANCE

     - ATR 72 100/ 200, B1B2 Combined, theroetical and practical, in Madrid-SPAIN.

Other courses in our training list.


Scheduled courses 2017 revised 30th JAN

AGT new scheduled aviation courses for 2017 are available ! You'll find all the trainings for Aircraft Maintenance Licenced Engineers and management staff in our list, dates and locations of our trainings, as well as training language.

Contact us to get more information or to register for training ! Anywhere you are.

AGT at the MRO Asia Pacific

AGT Maintenance Training attended the MRO Asia Pacific Exhibition in september

AGT attended the MRO Asia Pacific Conference in september, in Singapore.

Borescope inspection - Athens, october 2016

Borescope inspection in october 2016, Athens, with Carlos Sanchez

In octobre 2016, Carlos Sanchez  was in Athens, for a Borescope Inspection training on PW 127 Engine. Good job !