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Trouble Shooting on ATR

Boost the efficiency of your engineers and MCC. Attend the NEW Trouble Shooting Guideline for ATR 500 either 600.

ATR 42 200/ 300 Difference

In October, Theoretcial and practical training, T1T2 Combined. Book now.

ATR 42 / 72 500/ 600 Training

AGT theoretical training - June 2016 - Mongolia

End of theoretical training, In June 2016.

Practical training on ATR 72 500

Training AGT in July 2016, location of components

July 16, Location of the components ATA 21 Air Conditioning on ATR 42/ 72 500 aircraft.

Practical instructor: Carlos SANCHEZ

Auditing, consulting

High experiences in Auditing techniques. AGT can assist you to build your EASA 145/ 147 organisation, manuals, Audit plans, teach your Quality auditors.

Contact us.

Audit by Myanmar Civil Aviation Authority

AGT Audit by Myanmar Civil Aviation Authority, maintenance training approval

In June 2016, AGT Myanmar Department of Civil Aviation (MDCA) has audited Aero Ground Training. 

Willing to join our team ? We are recruiting !

We recruit instructors or contractors for short or long term contract. If you are qualified on ATR 42/ 72 aircraft as B1 or B2 engineer, EMB 145/170/190, Airbus A330 or DHC 6, and if you want to join in our team, please send your resume, licence and certificates to Axelle, contact[@] Interviews can be scheduled in Europe, in South America or in Asia. 

Recurrent ATR 72 500 and ATR 72 600

ATR 72 600 Recurrent maintenance

In April 2016, in Asia, Refresher course on ATR 42 / 72 500 and 600, for B1B2 engineers, duration 5 days.

Engine Run Up ATR 72 500

Engine Run up on ATR 72 500

In Bangkok, April 2016, ATR 72 500 engine Run up initial training in the simulator.