Aircraft Type Course

AGT provides Initial and recurrent type training courses for aviation maintenance staff

Training Centers

An expert team of instructors provides your training in your facilities or our training centers :

  • in Brittany- FRANCE,  
  • in Bogota- COLOMBIA, 
  • in Bangkok- THAILAND. 

In your home. Our experts are fluent in English, Spanish, French or Dutch and have experience to teach off site.

Training aids

Our instructors will provide all the training materials needed to succeed : 

  • Maintenance Training Manuals (PDF format), 
  • Cockpit layout
  • Student handbook (hard copy) 
  • Open questions handbook (hard copy)
  • Access to the update maintenance documentation such as Aircraft Maintenance Manual, Troubleshooting Manuals, Aircraft Schematic Manual, Flight Crew Operating Manual, Minimum Equipement List and Job Cards.

The instructor uses CBT software and dynamic presentations in the classroom.
We do aircraft visits as much as possible during the theoretical training.
At the end of the practical training, most of the trainees are prepared to attend the Engine Ground Run Up course in the simulator in Bangkok or in Paris.

Aircraft types- theoretical and/ or practical under ATA 104 Level 3

AGT - Aero Ground Training provides training on the following aircraft types :

Aircraft Type course- different levels

AGT - Aero Ground Training can teach different levels of training: 

  • T4 - Familiarization course for Management and CAMO staff,
  • Level 1 (Ramp and Transit) for engineers who do not need to remove and install any new LRU,
  • Level 2 (line maintenance for LRU Remove and Installation) for engineers,
  • Level 3 for licenced engineers (B1.1 or B2) to attend the initial T1T2 Combined training course, theoretical only or theoretical & practical Elements (OJT)
  • Practical Elements can be performed in your facilities or our training facilities.
  • Continuation. recurrent or Refresher courses (5 days)
  • Engine Run Up Training, from Idle to Power Insurance Check and Taxi in simulator. In Paris or Bangkok simulators

Let’s find the best formula for you. AGT customizes its training to meet your needs : contact us for a detailed estimate !